What is the Ethics line?

What is the Ethics line?

It is a communication tool by which suppliers, clients and third parties can report behavior or activities that are against the law or the organization’s Good Governance Code (Código del Buen Gobierno).

This line is independently operated; therefore, the confidentiality and anonymity of the person reporting the incident are guaranteed.

Phone Numbers:

Costa Rica 0-800-0572037

Panamá 0-800-1570890

El Salvador (503)21133751

Nicaragua 001-800-22022420

Guatemala (502)23786934

Correo:  [email protected]

What type of issues can be reported through the Ethics Line?

  1. Misappropriation or misuse of the Company’s assets.
  2. Conflict of interest situations.
  3. Involvement in illegal activities, businesses or operations.
  4. Business practices against the Company’s interests.
  5. Abuse of authority from the Company’s managers, officers or employees for their own benefit.
  6. Misuse of confidential information.
  7. Acceptance of gifts, favors, invitations, trips, payments and privileges that can influence business decisions and operations for the direct or indirect benefit of the person who provided them.
  8. Contract, report or record falsification.
  9. Disloyalty to the organization.
  10. Other activities or behaviors against the group’s interests and the Governance Code.