What is it?

An Integrated Management System (IMS) has to do with all aspects of the organization, from the product’s Quality Assurance and increase of customer satisfaction, through the maintenance of operations within a topic of pollution prevention, thus achieving the goal of being socially responsible. Likewise, it is integrated by the Management Systems of: Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Control and Commercial Security, Occupational Safety and Health, Risks.

Challenges of 2015

  • Certify our Safety Management System with the FSSC 22000 standard.
  • Reduce by at least 3% the indicator of electric power consumption, vs. 2014.
  • Reduce by at least 3% the indicator of thermal energy consumption per ton, vs. 2014.
  • Reduce by at least 6% the 2014 water consumption indicator per ton.
  • Reduce by at least 7.5% the indicator of GHG emissions per ton, vs. 2014.
  • Reduce by at least 18% consumer complaints, vs. 2014.


We are a food company that acts within the framework of our mission, vision and values; and is committed to sustainable development, growing value creation and effective innovation. For this, we handle an improved Integrated Management System that includes the following:

The company complies with the regulations, legislation and other requirements to our productive and commercial activity; we maintain communication channels with our stakeholders and promote the continuous improvement of our processes, through the work culture of TPM, with the involvement and self-management of our people.

Food Safety

We achieve confidence in consumers by providing food that is harmless and fit for consumption.


We satisfy the needs of our consumers’ well-being, nutrition and pleasure and their requirements.


We prevent and mitigate the environmental impacts generated by our processes and manage the rational resources use.

Occupational Safety and Health

We foster a self-care culture by standardizing processes to achieve safe working environments with a zero accident tendency.

Control and Commercial Security

We prevent illicit activities that compromise the safety of people, products and processes in the supply chain.


We manage risks to which the Organization is exposed in order to ensure business continuity.