Original Bokitas

Bokitas is the perfect fun mix. They are practical and versatile: by themselves or on the side. Available in single-serving 27-gram packs, 12 or 8-unit packs or 125-gram roll packs.

White Cheese Bokitas

These white cheese filled Bokitas are perfect for an afternoon gathering with friends. Enjoy them with coffee, tea, soda or by themselves!

Cheddar Cheese Bokitas

The combination of the cheddar cheese with the crunchy texture of Bokitas brings a special guest to your gatherings or cravings. Available in single-serving 36-gram packs, 10-unit packs and 144-gram roll packs.

Cheese-Ham Bokitas

Enjoy the best Cheese-Ham Bokitas mix. Available in single-serving 36-gram packs and 10-unit packs.

Pizza Bokitas

These crackers are made with a delicious baked dough, covered with an exquisite natural tomato sauce, accompanied by an unmistakable grated cheese and a touch of oregano. Take them to your parties and share them with your friends or just have them as a snack. Available in 100-gram boxes.