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Our commitment to Social Responsibility

In Pozuelo we showcase the commitment and ethical values ​​that we assume as a company in order to contribute to integral and sustainable development, hand in hand with our clients, collaborators, families, suppliers, government, communities where we operate and society in general; thus improving the quality of life of people related to our business.


We understand corporate social responsibility as:

The ethical business management, through in which we enhance the positive impacts and mitigate and compensate for the negative impacts associated with our operation, fostering a growing generation of economic, social and environmental value, to all stakeholders of our production process.

  • End of poverty
  • Production and Responsible Consumption
  • Alliances To Achieve Objectives
  • Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions: To act with integrity
  • Climate Action: Reduce the environmental impact of operations and products
  • Decent Work And Economic Growth: Responsibly manage the value chain
  • Health And Well-Being: To encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Zero Hunger: To build a better society
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: To boost profitable growth and effective innovation

We believe in the importance of basing our behavior on ethics and good will, as well as compliance with production standards and human rights, in order to create trust in our stakeholders.

Actuar íntegramente

We are concerned about being environmentally responsible, through the reduction of emissions and the efficient management of natural resources.

Reducir el impacto ambiental de las operaciones y productos

We are committed to the integral development of our collaborators to improve their productivity and quality of life. We also ensure the responsible and adequate distribution of our products in the market.

Gestionar responsablemente la cadena de valor

We believe in the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being in our collaborators, customers and consumers, therefore our priority is to offer safe and nutritious products.

Fomentar una vida saludable

We are concerned with promoting the development of the communities with which we interact, as well as promoting initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition among all people, especially children.

Construir una mejor sociedad

We believe in the importance of offering our customers and consumers a variety of innovative and quality products that create new experiences. We also encourage creativity in all our collaborators to improve our processes.

Impulsar el crecimiento rentable y la innovación efectiva