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In 2016, 168.830 children and adolescents were benefited from the Future Consumer Development program. We worked on 673 institutions.

This program began more than fifteen years ago, and through it we brought fun activities, contests and prizes to schools and elementary students. Its main objective is to promote values ​​as family, for the children’s development, and to be able to foster a positive mentality in the social and educational fields.

Creciendo Juntos

Under the concept of Learning By Playing, the organization receives a daily visit of hundreds of children at the Educational Tour, in which they get to know about our history and the process of cookies production. Pozuelo World wants to create an unforgettable experience for all children who visit us, sharing knowledge, values ​​for the healthy growth of students and the importance of family.

Mundo Pozuelo

This is a volunteer program focused on the Hospital Nacional de Niños and Teletón. We seek to reach the heart of more than 7.000 children who have some kind of health problem, through entertainment activities that allow all children, regardless of their condition, to enjoy Pozuelo.

This program aims to connect with the consumer through a platform of experiences that bring their essence and narrative to the schools, interacting directly with the young people, both in person and digitally.

This year we began to associate the Tosh brand with exercise activities and personal care, through cardio dance classes that we carried out in 8 municipalities of the country.

In addition, there were other activities that directly impacted different communities throughout the country: with Municipalities, Museo de los Niños (Children’s Museum), Parque de Diversiones (Amusement Park), Teletón, among others.

Growing Together
Pozuelo World
The flavor of Thrill
Chiky Tour
Institutions 81 People benefited 43.530
Institutions 476 People benefited 51.700
Institutions 41 People benefited 12.900
Institutions 75 People benefited 60.700